Atlanta’s Air Force: Next stop? O’Hare!

Tom Gross and the Varsity

Sports cash-in novelty records are nothing new. They’re usually not very good and therefore not really worthy of comment here. The song featured today is arguably out of place here since it’s not even a soul record. However, since I’ve featured records related to the Atlanta Falcons on this blog before (twice!), I thought it would only be fair to give equal time to the Atlanta Hawks, who knocked the Orlando Magic out of the NBA playoffs last night with a tense 84-81 game six at “The Highlight Factory” (Philips Arena).

The Hawks will move on to face the Chicago Bulls in round two of the playoffs. The Bulls, who had an impressive dynasty with Michael Jordan and company in the 90s, have no less than their own Greatest Hits compilations available. That’s for somebody else to cover though.

The Georgia Soul blog would like to congratulate the Hawks and will cheer them through another great playoff series.

*And speaking of the Falcons, congratulations to Julio Jones, who was the 2011 first round draft pick of the Falcons last night. I really hope that Thomas Dimitroff and Mike Smith made the right decision, as the trade they made with the Cleveland Browns to get him seems brutal.

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  1. Dookie Platters says:

    Ahhh, too bad the playoffs didn’t end as well as we would have liked. Musically, i’m reminded of a record a found in some dusty bin around town…G-Mann’s “Dominique Got to Be an All Star”, I assume the only title released on All Starr Records…

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