Robert & The Excitements, And Your Detective Hat

Robert & The Excitements

Give Me One More Chance
Sittin’ In the Dark

For better or worse, the word ‘ungoogleable’ has fairly well entrenched itself into the jargon of record diggers over the past couple of years, and as Internet search engines continue to make our world smaller by the day, this blog entry serves to take two more Atlanta-bred 45s out of that category. The only real problem, however, is that there’s not much to learn from today’s post – at least not yet.

Robert Joinner and The Excitements

Beyond the simple fact that we know they exist, very little is presently known about how two 45s by Robert and the Excitements came to be.  It is known that in the 1982/’83 time frame, one Robert Joiner was behind these two projects, and it is also known that they have a rather unique sound, especially for their day. Both 45s exhibit something of a 70s throwback soul sound, and both also feature some wild, almost psychedelic guitar playing. The songs linked above make up the 45 pictured at the top of the page, and the songs of the other are “Groove With the Music” b/w “Bump To the Beat”, pictured here.

This seemingly home made recording is exactly the kind of thing that exemplifies why the Georgia Soul blog exists, and if Robert Joiner or anyone else who was involved with The Excitements happens upon this blog entry, we’d love to hear stories about the band, and how these two 45s came into being.

‘Ungoogleable’ no more!


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  1. Anthony culbreath says:

    I would love for some one from the Georgia soul to contact me i know Mr.joyner he is my brother in law and he wants to tell the history of it all.

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